Iracematravel Urns UK Cremation Memorial Keepsake Urn Reading, Ruby 3" Keepsake:Iracematravel
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Urns UK Cremation Memorial Keepsake Urn Reading, Ruby 3" Keepsake:Iracematravel

Urns UK
Urns UK Published in October 23, 2018, 5:55 pm
 Urns UK Cremation Memorial Keepsake Urn Reading, Ruby 3" Keepsake:Iracematravel

Urns UK Cremation Memorial Keepsake Urn Reading, Ruby 3" Keepsake:Iracematravel

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emma Reply to on 13 August 2016
one of my beloved cockatiels died and I had him cremated, the vet crematorium returned his ashes in a dog paw print urn 10 times bigger than his ashes! So I found this, it has birds on it and is also the perfect size for bird ashes! Quick delivery and packaged well.
Urn well presented too. Perfect for what I needed. Very happy with purchase although I just wish I didn't have to look for an urn in the first place!
Midge Reply to on 29 July 2018
Pretty little thing and will be most tasteful for the small amount of my lovely Mum's ashes to which I will be taking to a very special place.
Miss Kalie D. Jones
Miss Kalie D. Jones Reply to on 2 June 2014
This is absolutely beautiful. I Lost my baby rat shortly after getting her (and her sister) and wanted to keep her close by until I could get more rats from my breeder. She fit in perfectly with loads of space to use for the rest once they pass away (from old age fingers crossed) it was the perfect design for my baby girl, hectic but elegant and the craftsmanship is fantastic. Lid is secure and the box is comes in is beautiful for presentation.
lizzy54 Reply to on 9 May 2013
bought to hold ashes . this tiny urn sits on our bookcase next to our beloved mums pic and its so delicate and sweet . came in a lovely black box well presented. the company were great to do business with. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an alternative to a large urn or to hold a few ashes before they get scattered the urn is well made and the pattern is great
Jordan Reply to on 28 June 2017
Very happy with this little purchase. Bought to keep a small amount of my mums ashes in as the rest are going to be scattered. Heavier than expected it to be but I'm glad it is.
deb welllington
deb welllington Reply to on 13 October 2016
Lovely little urn.. much smaller than expected. But great quality and very pretty. Very well made. Would recommend... For a very very small amount of ashes.
Mrs Gemma Folkes
Mrs Gemma Folkes Reply to on 17 July 2013
I bought this urn for my hamster who I had cremated. It looks lovely, and fit his ashes in very well. Easy to transfer the ashes too. It is a small urn, no bigger than my thumb but it is perfect if you wish to scatter a beloved pets ashes and keep a little bit for a memorial or in the cases of hamsters, gerbils etc its perfect to fit all the ashes in.
2018cat Reply to on 20 July 2017
10# Reply to on 2 June 2013
after getting in touch with the delivery firm on friday 31/5/13 they told me they had tried to deliver the keepsake urns on the friday 24/5/13 and i explained that unless some one lets them in they could not heve put a card through my door .they told me they and they could get them back out to me on saturday 1/6/13 which i said that would be fine but uptill 11 45am they had not arrived so i phoned APC back and was told they hadnt been put on for saturday delivery but to give the gentleman on the phone he sent some out with them for and thank you for your help in dealing with every thing my little urns are lovely .yours sincerely Mrs Sandra Howarth .
staffadour Reply to on 1 March 2013
I like the fact it is hand painted so no other one like it . I did think the picture looked like black art work which I would have perfered but a nice little item to keep the memories of my dear cat in.Worth buying
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