Iracematravel RUSTINS SRDOIL2500 Textured Decking Oil:Iracematravel
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RUSTINS SRDOIL2500 Textured Decking Oil:Iracematravel

Rustins Published in October 23, 2018, 7:13 pm
 RUSTINS SRDOIL2500 Textured Decking Oil:Iracematravel

RUSTINS SRDOIL2500 Textured Decking Oil:Iracematravel

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Design by Victoria
Design by Victoria Reply to on 4 May 2017
The oil has discoloured our decking leaving a white sandlike substance all over the wood. We tried to call the company and were fobbed off for days, when we finally got hold of someone we sent a photograph to the company manager, a Dr Sony, who has since then never replied. We bought 3 tins. The first coat was fine. But the second coat must have been faulty. We are pretty annoyed by the product and the company. It is very non-slip though!
Mr D.E.L. Richards
Mr D.E.L. Richards Reply to on 7 April 2017
The product does have a noticeable effect on the new decking. The tin recommends applying three coats but after one coat it seems to work. Would buy it again.
Cliff Ashton
Cliff Ashton Reply to on 4 June 2017
Excellent product. It is easy to apply and does what it says about being non slip.
Harijos Reply to on 16 November 2017
I have used many brands of oil in the past through my work but required slip resistance for my own deck so tried I tried this one as rustins was a known brand, in my opinion this quite expensive product is not as good as it should be, you have to be very careful to mix thoroughly before application or you'll have an uneven finish and a lot of the texure grit at the bottom of your tin, having applied 3 coats as recommended it looks quite nice initially and has a decent grip, however less than 5 months on it has already started to fade and peel and has become patchy it is also showing signs of mould and algae all of which has affected the look of the deck and its slip resistance, I now wish I had bought Osmo anti slip oil, allthough initially more expensive the chances are it would not have deteriorated in this manner and required more treatment after only a few months down which would have worked out cheaper in the end. Rustins customer service was absolutely abysmal, Avoid this product and this brand
scottieman333 Reply to on 21 May 2015
ok, this was expensive, and I know I could buy it a lot cheaper from other places, but wow, what a product, the guy on the telephone said it even won best UK product. this is total slip resistant, yes it slightly darkens the decking, but not much. and in scotland where we do have a lot of wet weather, on the few sunny days I am not slipping around on the decking any more.
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