Iracematravel Ikea Side Table, Wood, White, 55 x 55 x 45 cm:Iracematravel
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Ikea Side Table, Wood, White, 55 x 55 x 45 cm:Iracematravel

Ikea Published in October 23, 2018, 5:53 pm
 Ikea Side Table, Wood, White, 55 x 55 x 45 cm:Iracematravel

Ikea Side Table, Wood, White, 55 x 55 x 45 cm:Iracematravel

Price:£12.67+ Free shipping

Clare.10 Reply to on 31 January 2016
Exactly what I wanted! I didn't want to spend over £30 on a toddlers table and chair and I'm pleased I didn't. This is perfect with a little persons chair, easy to assemble, reasonably priced and easy to wipe clean.
Ceegee Reply to on 28 May 2018
just as described, altho I always thought Ikea white was a true white. This is somewhere between magnolia and white, which is a shame...really doesn't look too good in a room with freshly painted white woodwork, so it will have to become a "project". Otherwise, it's the standard easy to assemble Ikea flat pack format, made from a softish fibreboard so you can easily insert the screws. Takes 5-10 mins to assemble. Single person assembly is easy. Finish is good, just not white :( I've placed it directly against the wall in the photo, which is magnolia, while the woodwork is just white gloss. Hope you can see the difference and I can save you the disappointment of expecting a bright white table
Inge Reply to on 8 September 2016
I ordered 2 tables for my conservatory, at first I thought they were a bit too big (55cm x 55cm) They were absolutely easy to assemble, the screws go into the legs and into the top of the table, so nothing showing atall on the outside or underneath, very neat little tables. They are very sturdy but not heavy to move around. I absolutely love them, and can highly recommend them, they look lovely in my conservatory.
Leonard M. Clements
Leonard M. Clements Reply to on 8 January 2018
At first glance I thought I'd put it together without instructions from the screws boxing, at first I felt they was too big, but like any good DIY you learn more reading pictures, IKEA are smart with this, two images for instructions, it's all you need, put screw in the table hole, then put the leg on and for what it's worth, I'm a scrawny runt and even I can build this, so if you struggled... how? It's just easier than making a sandwich
D. Burridge
D. Burridge Reply to on 7 May 2018
got this as a table for my 3D printer and although its not big enough its self i just wanted something sturdy and strong enough to handle a lot of shaking and weight. this works
SweetLola Reply to on 31 July 2016
Simple clean design . Easy to assemble with no tools required. I use as toddler table, and another as side table very versatile
Carole M.
Carole M. Reply to on 17 July 2015
Fast delivery. Table as described. Really simple assembly required, just screw legs on. Not brilliant white in colour, more of a very, very, light creamy white. Sturdy little table. Obviously paid more than if bought in Ikea, but saved me time money and hassle of a trip to Ikea. Really pleased with it
kayleigh hetherington
kayleigh hetherington Reply to on 4 May 2018
Really nice and sturdy perfect for what i need it for. The only thing is after 3 days it became scratched i have 2 toddlers so its expected and the reason i didnt spend more for a table.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 7 March 2018
I couldn't get to IKEA so buying it from Amazon was so much easier for me. I've not used it as a coffee table but as an extension to my desk, this is so that I can work standing up. I measured my desk and this table beforehand and the height is perfect for me, so a lot cheaper than by a standing desk, or extending desk.
Lexie Reply to on 24 May 2018
For the price it's fine as a side table for drinks and bits n bobs. Easy to assemble, just screw on legs. Nice bright white colour. Light weight and easy to move about.
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