Iracematravel CuteToots Mitten clips/Glove clips for kids & adults! (school blue):Iracematravel
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CuteToots Mitten clips/Glove clips for kids & adults! (school blue):Iracematravel

CuteToots Published in October 23, 2018, 6:29 pm
 CuteToots Mitten clips/Glove clips for kids & adults! (school blue):Iracematravel

CuteToots Mitten clips/Glove clips for kids & adults! (school blue):Iracematravel

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janet monson
janet monson Reply to on 11 September 2018
I am a Courier who works outdoors and I need to be able to keep hold of my gloves. These cutetoots are just the perfect thing. In fact they would be a great gift for anyone!
Em Reply to on 25 January 2016
These are wonderful, strong well made and stay put, thank you Wendy! It's clear to see you put live into these when they are made and it shows no mass produced plastic rubbish just good ole fashion quality I will be telling all my friends about these.
marjorie couch
marjorie couch Reply to on 15 April 2018
Very handy for holding gloves onto coat
sburke Reply to on 17 April 2018
These were great. Brought 2 pairs. Never lost a glove !
Mrs H.
Mrs H. Reply to on 17 December 2015
I never leave reviews but I just have to for these! They are just what I needed, so useful, had them on my daughters coat for weeks now and they haven't fallen off and do exactly what is intended. I've told everyone about them and I've also been asked by strangers where I got them from, so hopefully you've received more orders recently.

Thank you so much for your little personalised message and the lolly pop, very sweet of you.

Highly recommend this product and this seller!
MISS R N SHARMA Reply to on 26 November 2016
Excellent product and idea. Lots of colours to chose from to match coat. Really easy to use and comfortable. Will be placing and order for my older son now. Thank you!
Alison Shakeshaft
Alison Shakeshaft Reply to on 1 July 2018
All parents should get these! Great for keeping the mittens and gloves on baby's and toddlers jackets so don't loose them
Valentina Reply to on 3 March 2018
Loved by little hands. Easy to use and no lost gloves.
Pat Reply to on 4 December 2015
The mitten clips came on holiday with me (a grown-up kid) down to the Antarctic peninsular. They kept my thick waterproof thermal gloves attached to my coat every time the gloves came off to take a photo. The gloves stayed attached all the time, even in strong winds. A great idea that works very well.
Mojo Reply to on 22 January 2018
Well made and extremely practical.
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