Iracematravel 3M Protective Coverall, Blue, 4515-B-XL:Iracematravel
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3M Protective Coverall, Blue, 4515-B-XL:Iracematravel

3M Published in October 23, 2018, 7:08 pm
 3M Protective Coverall, Blue, 4515-B-XL:Iracematravel

3M Protective Coverall, Blue, 4515-B-XL:Iracematravel

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Clifford Reply to on 21 May 2017
After buying a cheap one which ripped within ten minutes of putting it on and was actually hanging off me by the end of the day on also smaller than it should have been I decided to pay a little more.
This one was fantastic. As soon as I took it from the packet I could tell the quality was better. It was true to size I am 5ft 2'' and a 34 waist. I ordered the small and it fitted over my joggers and jumper just fine with plenty of room to lift my arms, bend over, kneel, and stretch. The stitching is better the fabric is thicker and the zip even has a flap over it to prevent leakage in via the zip. And the best thing is it lasted all day without a single rip. I went home with it on and shall be wearing it again Tomorow. I will also try washing it as someone else has remarked they did the same and it came out great. Definitely worth the money as it did its job and is still going strong without fault. Don't waste your money on the cheep ones if you want to stay clean and be able to use it again and again then this is the one to get. In fact it's almost not disposable given that it just keeps on going. Very light weight and strong. I will be buying again and I would recommend without hesitation.
Lianse Reply to on 1 October 2017
Being a bit of a porker and a UK size 26 I opted for the 4xl, trouble is I am also only 5'2. It seems as you go up in size the length also goes up. So whilst there is ample room for this to go over my clothing it drowns me in length.
Having said that the quality is good and I can see this lasting several uses.
richyw1 Reply to on 12 October 2017
Very good product and fairly breathable for a coverall. I am 6'1" and just under 14st but I found the X-Large a little small - if did fit me but rode up up on the arms and legs when stretching them out. I have just ordered again in the 2X-Large and fits a lot better and much more comfortable. Would buy again
Gugghi Reply to on 1 February 2017
Coveralls arrived well packaged and in a timely manner. Product exactly as described.

Coveralls are well made and are very durable. I wore these while cleaning out an old house for a refurb and got good use from them.
As usual I got these a few sizes too big in an effort to stop them ripping apart between the legs but in they end they still ripped apart between the legs. However they did last quite a bit before ripping so wont complain too much about it as they lasted much longer than other pairs I have used.
I will be purchasing them again as needed
Eloise Reply to on 9 October 2017
Great for painting although not thick enough to prevent spills from seeping through the material. Tears very easily so get a bigger size than you think you need. Very warm to wear indoors over other clothes. Great for painting ceilings as the hood prevents splashes/spray from landing in your hair.
Hayley Reply to on 18 October 2017
I wore this on three occasions whilst handling insulation for the roof. It was sturdy enough, never tore, has pluenty of room for movement and stretcing/reaching. The leg openings are elasticated but still open wide enough to put it on over shoes or boots. the hood is a must when working overhead. Of course it was quite hot to work in, but as it's so sturdy it's possible to remove your shirt and just wear this.
Brian walsh
Brian walsh Reply to on 26 May 2018
Very good quality for a disposable. I have washed it down four times now, and there is very little noticeable wear on it. The cuffs have picked up a little ingrained dust though. I'm mainly using it to keep my clothes clean while clearing out a filthy loft, and it does that well.
John Ward
John Ward Reply to on 11 May 2018
I am 5'10" and a M/L in clothes. I bought this in CL, and the extra room was useful. I bought it for loft insulation DIY. One year, and that was down to my clumsiness rather than the product. I can use it again, and would buy it again if need be (for decorating etc).
Ms. S. Rawden
Ms. S. Rawden Reply to on 25 April 2018
When I had a kitten with terribly fungus problem I had to be protected as not good for humans to have contact with this fungus, wearing this overall allowed me to play, cuddle and have the kitten on my lap..
Josh Reply to on 2 January 2018
Used it for a makeshift astronaut costume at halloween. Worked a treat. Have worn similar at work and found it reasonably comfortable. Found the size is slightly larger than you think. Bought this XL for a 6 ft 4 tall friend and was slightly too big. This was probably because he was skinny.
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